06 Jun 2013

The OU Law School and The University of Law pursue expansion opportunities

The Open University Law School and The University of Law have today announced the decision to end their formal partnership in order that they can expand their individual offerings into new areas.

Over the life of the partnership there have been innovations in technology that have opened the door to new ways of teaching and learning. There have also been substantial changes in the wider legal environment. These factors have now created new opportunities for the two institutions to develop in different ways that build on their individual strengths.

Over the last 15 years the successful partnership has helped more than 3,000 people gain a law degree, many of whom are now working as solicitors and barristers. When the partnership was created, the commonly held view within the legal profession was that law could not be taught by distance learning. The pioneering approach of The Open University Law School and The University of Law has proved that it can be done successfully and to a high standard. Together they have opened up legal education to a wide audience. Their commitment to open access has helped people from a broad range of backgrounds and experience to gain a law degree and take their careers in new directions.

Students will experience no interruption to their studies and the quality of their learning experience will continue to be of a high standard. Current FHEQ (Framework for Higher Education Qualification) level 5 and 6 students, and those FHEQ level one students who are planning to study at FHEQ level two in 2014, will be fully supported by both the OU and The University of Law and those who successfully complete the LLB will still have a guaranteed place on The University of Law’s Legal Practice Course should they wish to become solicitors in England and Wales.

“The welfare of students will be paramount”, confirmed Professor Jane Frecknall-Hughes, Head of The Open University Law School. “Our overriding aim is to ensure continuity of study and qualification for all of our law students as the Law School continues to build upon its success. We will provide the same level of support and quality of service that our students have always experienced and upon which our reputation is founded”.

Professor Nigel Savage, President and Provost at The University of Law said: “The University of Law and The Open University Law School have enjoyed a successful partnership over the last 15 years and we look forward to working together on collaborations in the future. The current climate has opened up significant opportunities for the legal education sector and The University of Law is now excited to be launching its new suite of innovative and interactive courses for aspiring legal professionals coming through the system”.

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