11 Feb 2014

OU student graduates after 43 years of study

Michael Poyzer completes degree after 43 years

Michael Poyzer completes degree after 43 years

Michael Poyzer, age 65, from Nottingham, completed a BSc (Hons) Open degree after first enrolling on his degree course 40 years ago. He received his qualification at the Birmingham graduation ceremony at the end of 2013.

Michael was one of the first students to sign up with The Open University when it began teaching in 1971. The Open University celebrated its official 40th anniversary in 2013 although it did start to trial its courses way back in 1971.

After an initial 8 years of studying science and technology modules, Michael decided to have a break from his course to set up his own business and start a family. By this time he had completed two thirds of his studies. An astonishing 33 years later, Michael returned to his degree and finally completed it by studying modules in creative writing.

Michael commented: “I always knew I would return to the OU and promised myself that I would complete my degree by the time I was 65 which I have just about managed! Coming back to the course has been fantastic and I have really enjoyed getting involved with the other students and developing my creative writing skills”.

Michael admitted that motivating himself to finish his degree was a personal challenge but found that he enjoyed the final third of his studies the most. He was also pleased to be able to be awarded a Bachelor of Science, when he started his studies, the OU like Oxford and Cambridge, only offered Bachelor of Arts degrees.

An Open Degree is unique to the OU and allows students to build their own degree by selecting modules of their choice over 3 increasingly challenging levels.
Michael is currently writing four nove
ls and hopes one day to have one of them published. He is also contemplating studying for a Masters degree in Creative Writing or History although he admits he is likely to complete it more quickly this time!

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