17 Jul 2014

OU becomes first UK University to extend free learning to new social media site Bibblio

The OU is cementing its place as a world-leader in innovation and access to education by being the first UK university to launch its video content on the brand new channel Bibblio

Bibblio is a brand new social learning platform which allows anyone to view and share multimedia free learning such as videos, slides and audio items. The OU currently has over 700 videos on Bibblio and will be sharing audio content soon; and this material will be grouped into ‘collections’ to help direct learners to additional items that will interest them. The OU’s content can be viewed on Bibblio here: (

Mads Holmen, Founder of Bibblio said: “We are pleased to be working with The Open University, a leader in accessible learning worldwide, making it an ideal first partner for Bibblio. The Open University’s content is of outstanding quality and we are excited about the opportunity to enable a wider audience to access that content.”

The new development follows the announcement last month that OU learning materials were being extended across the globe via a series of launches on channels such as Audioboo, GooglePlay and Facebook for Learning. Andrew Law, Director of the OU’s Open Media Unit, said: “Once again the OU is leading the way in extending free learning opportunities. Joining Bibblio means our material is now more universally accessible, searchable and embeddable. It is in keeping with the OU’s mission to be open and accessible to all.”

To promote the learning and “keep in the loop” learners are also encouraged to carry on the conversation on Twitter, using the handle @OUFreeLearning and discuss their learning experiences.

Notes to Editors:
About Bibblio
Bibblio is a new social learning platform which curates the best educational materials from top content creators across the web. Founded by London-based Mads Holmen, Richard Simmonds and Roar Knüppel, it serves as an open and free Internet library, helping educators and learners access materials from many fields and across all formats, such as video, podcasts, slides, PDFs, and articles."
For more on Bibblio see:

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