27 Nov 2014

New OU / BBC series: Wild Weather with Richard Hammond – learning resources available including free poster and DIY weather experiments

Wild Weather with Richard Hammond

Wild Weather with Richard Hammond

To accompany the release of the new BBC series, Wild Weather with Richard Hammond (produced in partnership with The Open University) the OU has compiled a great range of free resources available to anyone who wants to learn more about our ever-changing weather.

Wild Weather With Richard Hammond is a new three-part series in which the television personality travels the globe to discover the hidden world of weather. OU senior science lecturer Dr Stephen Lewis was academic consultant on the programme and has done extensive research in atmospheric science. He said: “This series will offer viewers a fascinating insight into the science behind weather – a phenomenon that affects all of us, but about which much remains to be discovered. We have pulled together a great package of resources to accompany the programme, helping viewers learn more about weather and try out their own experiments at home.”

Viewers can order a free Wild Weather poster via the OU’s OpenLearn website. This poster illustrates the causes and effects of extreme weather such as cyclones, tornadoes, sand storms, and thunder and lightning and helps you discover more about the extreme power and utter devastation weather can cause. To order please go to:

In addition to this viewers can also try their hand at their own Wild Weather Kitchen Experiment videos where they can find out how to recreate an avalanche, dust storm, flood or tornado in the comfort of their own home. After watching the videos viewers can have a go at conjuring up their own wild weather, capture it via video or photograph and share their results with others on OpenLearn.

If you are inspired by the programme and want to take your learning further why not sign up for an OU short course? Learn about the weather (course code: SG089) provides an introduction to weather patterns and events around the world, explaining the main drivers that determine the weather on a seasonal and daily basis. This non-credit bearing course is produced in partnership with the Royal Meteorological Society and is available online allowing you to learn about this topic just for interest and enables you to try out a new area of study before you commit yourself to further study. You can register and begin this course at any time and will have at least 6 months to complete it. To find out more visit:

Wild Weather with Richard Hammond begins on BBC1 on Monday 1 December at 21:00. For further information please visit:

An OU/BBC co-production produced by Oxford Scientific Films (OSF) (in association with Hamster’s Wheel and PAAN) and Terra Mater Factual Studios

Series Producer (OSF) - Graham Booth
Executive Producers (OSF) - Alice Keens-Soper and Jane Aldous
Broadcast Commissioner for the Open University – Caroline Ogilvie


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