09 Feb 2015

OU Rosetta scientists collaborate with international fragrance-maker Givaudan to apply mission know-how to the analysis of scents

OU space scientists applying their knowledge here on Earth

OU space scientists applying their knowledge here on Earth

Scientists at The Open University (OU) working on the historic Rosetta mission have signed an agreement with leading international fragrance and flavour producer, Givaudan, to apply their expertise in analysing complex atmospheres in learning about which aspects of scents appeal most to consumers.

The OU’s Space Instrumentation Group (SIG), were selected to work with Givaudan based on their multidisciplinary approach and proven track record of solution design and delivery.

Led by Rosetta scientist Dr Geraint Morgan, SIG will use the skills and insight developed to create Ptolemy - the gas analysis or ‘sniffing’ instrument on the Rosetta spacecraft’s lander - to sense and detect the complex, changing mixtures of airborne molecules encountered by consumers in everyday situations.

Dr Morgan said: “It is an honour that a global market leader such as Givaudan should select the OU as one their preferred technology development partners. This venture highlights the growing reputation we have developed over recent years in successfully translating our space know-how to tackle challenges back here on Earth. This is the latest in our portfolio of industry-funded projects, across a range of sectors. We’re confident that this is just the start of an exciting journey forward with Givaudan.”

Angus Macmaster, Project Lead for Givaudan’s Measurement Science Group, based at the UK Sensory Centre of Excellence, said: “We selected Dr Morgan’s team to translate initial concepts into reality based on their proven track record of solution design, delivery and their willingness to engage in an iterative design process. Their breadth of expertise, across many academic and practical disciplines means that they are the perfect partner for our development needs. We look forward to implementing the project learning across our international business.”

Givaudan will use insights gained from the collaboration to underpin the creation of new fragrance technologies for consumer products. The programme will run over the next three to five years.


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