02 Mar 2017

Open University UK inks agreement with Chennai provider

361 Degree Minds gets content license to use OU’s innovative and international standard material

The Open University (OU), has signed up a content licensing agreement with a Chennai-based online education company.
The Open University, the UK’s largest academic institution and a world pioneer in online learning, will be licensing content to Threesixtyone Degree Minds, Chennai, for two courses initially, Design for Engineers and Business Management.

This initiative is a great opportunity for Indian learners - college students or working professionals - to access incredibly high-quality content and materials developed by the OU through two new courses in business management and engineering design. Threesixtyone Degree Minds, Chennai, will offer the two courses through its online learning platform.

Steve Hill, External Engagement Director, The Open University, UK and P Ram Mohan, Chairman and Managing Director, 361DM, signed the agreement at a formal ceremony held at the British Deputy High Commission in Chennai on Thursday.
Steve Hill said, “The Open University has a passion to open up education to people right around the world, helping students to upskill through world-leading technology-enabled learning for almost 50 years.

“Threesixtyone DM share our commitment to improving access to innovative, high quality online education and we are delighted to support them in bringing OU-designed courses to Indian students, so they can develop their own abilities and gain relevant new skills for the workplace.”

"We will be delivering these courses among thousands of Indian students who are looking for quality content and valuable certification, even while gaining market relevant competencies and employable skills," said C.P. Gopinathan, Chief Integrator and Co-Founder of Threesixtyone DM.

"Millions of young students of engineering or business programmes, and working professionals in key sectors in services and manufacturing domains are keen to upgrade their knowledge and gain next generation business skills, which will make them relevant in an increasingly digital world.

"Design thinking and innovation will play a key role in India in the near future. If campaigns such as Make in India and Digital India need to become a reality, students and young professionals should think of design - products design, solutions design, services design, and creative design. Also we need to make more people think of both breakthrough and incremental innovation. The Design for Engineers course will look to enrol students and young professionals, with a passion for design and creativity.

"The OU’s business management courseware, can be an exciting option for youth who cannot afford to quit their career or jobs for getting a higher degree. They can acquire knowledge through updated curriculum and market-relevant skills …. Without quitting their job, at a time of their convenience because all our courses are completely online..." Gopinathan added.

Courses details
Introduction to Business Management” (about 600 hours of teaching, learning process)

Design for Engineers (about 300 hours of teaching, learning)
Mr. Gopinathan said “the company will offer fee rebates to educational institutions and companies that sign up 60 or more learners for any of the courses. The design course, will be offered as a crucial value adding subject for willing engineering, architecture, or design schools.

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