05 May 2006

The Open University presents Climate Chaos Night on BBC-4

Paul Rose

Paul Rose

The Open University revisits the controversial issue of Climate Change with a night of themed programming on BBC-4 on Wednesday 24th May.

Two programmes, Meltdown and Climate Conspiracies will begin at 10.00pm, straight after David Attenborough presents Are We Changing Planet Earth?, the first of two special programmes which begin on BBC-1. The concluding part, Can We Save Planet Earth? follows on BBC-1 on Thursday 1st June.

Paul Rose is the host for the BBC-4 evening which includes another look at Meltdown, originally presented by Paul in February but with new footage which will provide updates on the continuing progress of the biggest ever online climate prediction experiment, the project.

Paul Rose is a modern-day explorer. He’s spent many years in Antarctica and the Arctic, organising scientific expeditions. Now he sees evidence that the polar regions are in danger from climate change. So he decides to try and find out the truth about global warming: what's really going on with our climate, and what's it going to mean for the future?

He starts by asking how the climate has changed in the past. Are the changes we’re seeing now part of a natural cycle, or are they something we’ve brought upon ourselves? And what can Viking voyages, the freezing of the Thames and ancient Bronze Age settlements on Dartmoor tell us about how our climate is changing?

A scene from the past?

A scene from the past?

The second programme is Climate Conspiracies presented by Iain Stewart who sets out to discover where to find truthful, accurate and impartial information about global warming.

Climate Chaos Night on BBC-4 is fully funded by The Open University and will broadcast on BBC-4 at 10.00pm on Wednesday 24th May.

The Open University have produced a Climate Change leaflet for viewers to order free of charge direct from the OU by calling 0870 942 1342 or through

The leaflet covers some key Climate Change facts, what we can do about it and opportunities for further learning. The leaflet will be available immediately after the programmes.

The OU/BBC website,, will also feature four expert articles exploring differing views on the concept of climate change and the effects on the environment to coincide with this OU/BBC collaboration. Visitors to the website can also take part in an interactive ‘Holiday Journey Planner’ and compare how environmentally friendly different modes of transport are.

The Open University offers a number of related courses for viewers who have been inspired to learn more about issues explored during these programmes. The courses range from short ‘tasters’ through to more in depth study into environmental science.

Editor’s Notes

Meltdown; and Climate Conspiracies were originally shown in February.

The Open University and BBC have been in partnership for over 30 years providing educational programming to a mass audience. In recent times this partnership has evolved from late night programming for delivering courses to peak time programmes with a broad appeal to encourage wider participation in learning.

All broadcast information is correct at time of issue.


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