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Collaborating on curriculum development

The Open University is committed to developing courses and qualifications which respond directly to Scotland's current and future skills needs. We are continually adapting and updating our curriculum to ensure it stays relevant to students and employers.

By working with professional bodies such as the General Teaching Council for Scotland and the Scottish Social Services Council, we are able to tailor our courses and qualifications to Scottish professional frameworks.

We also work in collaboration with other higher education and further education institutions to develop and deliver courses, including the University of Dundee, the University of Edinburgh, the University of the West of Scotland and the Royal College of Nursing Scotland.


The Open University in Scotland and Curriculum for Excellence

The Open University in Scotland (OU) welcomes the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence. The OU upholds its founding principle of being open to all. Our students are able to study modules and qualifications at undergraduate level with no requirement for previous qualifications.

CFE’s emphasis on learning throughout life accords with the OU’s commitment to Open Education. The Open University is the only higher education institution dedicated to supported open learning. Our students can study where and when suits them and are not required to attend a campus. Supported open learning pedagogy is designed as an environment in which students can build on diverse experience and develop as autonomous and independent learners.

In common with CFE the OU’s curriculum has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity. CFE’s four capacities align with the principles that inform the OU’s Learning and Teaching Strategy. The strategy highlights the need to support students with diverse needs and backgrounds, aims to develop understanding of environmental sustainability and has a strong focus on widening participation.

For a full statement from The OU in Scotland on the Curriculum for Excellence, plese click on the link below.

The Open University and Curriculum for Exclellence

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