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Becoming an OU student

To make an initial enquiry about studying at the OU, contact the Student Registration and Enquiry Service (Tel: 0845 300 60 90). If you mention a disability or medical condition at this stage you will be sent the Open to your Needs booklet.

click here to send a question to the Student Registration Service

Open to your Needs Booklet

When you actually register on a module you will be sent the Meeting your Needs Booklet.
This contains the FRF1 form which you can use to tell us about your disability or medical condition.

Five Step Checklist - Your Study Requirements


Telling us about your disability or medical condition

When registering for a module as a student you will be asked if you wish to tell the OU about a disability, a specific learning difficulty or medical condition.

There are a number of advantages to disclosing this information to us because we may be able to help by, for example:

  • Booking study centres and exam rooms that are easily accessible
  • Providing module materials in alternative formats
  • Ongoing awareness of your needs so that you do not have to alert your tutor every year
  • Arrangements for submitting assignments and taking examinations
  • Facilities and assistance to enable attendance at Residential School

There is also the possibility of applying for the Disabled Students Allowance. This is not means tested and can provide funds for equipment, help from an assistant or study support specialist and travel.

An outline of adjustments the University can offer can be found in the Student Handbook. More details are available in Meeting your Needs Booklet.

Tell us what you need by filling in a Facility Request Form (FRF1).

Our Disclosure Policy -

When a student declares a disability and/or additional requirement to a member of OU staff - by telephone, tutorial, e-mail, letter, visit or fax - the institution is deemed to know about the person’s disability. For legal reasons, the OU must record in some way the fact that this information has been disclosed. However, a disabled person has the right to request that the existence or nature of his/her disability be treated as confidential. So, if the student is happy for reasonable adjustments to be made (wherever possible) and known only to specific personnel, without revealing the details/nature of their disability, such a request will be accommodated.

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