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Residential Schools

A few of our modules have a compulsory residential school, these last from 1 day to a full week. To enable your attendance the University will make arrangements for appropriate support. It is vital that we know about your requirements well ahead of the residential school so that we can ensure appropriate arrangements are made. This also reassures you in advance about the support we can provide. You can request the equipment, facilities or support you need at Residential school with the online Facility Request Form 2

OSD staff will contact you and are responsible for these arrangements:

The Office for Students with Disabilities
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes

Tel:01908 653745
Textphone: 01908 655978
Fax: 01908 655547

The Booklet Meeting Your Needs at Residential Schools details the school site layouts, their disability access and the academic and residential accommodation. It's important to look at the descriptions of the sites in Part 6 of the booklet, in order to decide which one is most suitable. Keep in mind that the site attended may affect choice of equipment, and whether or not an assistant will be needed. Other forms of assistance may be communication support or provision of a special diet.

If you require a high level of support or need assistance in unfamiliar surroundings you are encouraged to have an assistant with you. Friends or relatives can be taken along to provide assistance or employed from a register held by the OU. Assistants are paid for by the University or from DSA funding.

There is a wide range of equipment available for short-term loan at residential school - list of the equipment. Any special equipment necessary will be ordered from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at least 5 weeks before the residential school.
Several weeks in advance you will be contacted to confirm that the facilities or equipment asked for will be there at the school.

You will be contacted to check that the equipment/assistance ordered is appropriate and whether the arrangements might need some modifications for a future occasion.

Residential Schools Website
Residential Schools Contact



Some modules offer students who cannot attend the residential school an alternative learning experience (ALE). An ALE will meet the same core learning outcomes as the residential school. If you do not go to the residential school you must do the ALE instead. Most ALEs involve online activity and some involve written work.


Lab/Field trips and Trips abroad

Some science modules require laboratory and field work. Support weeks are arranged for students with limited mobility or manual dexterity on Level 1 and 2 of these courses with a residential school.

A small number of modules have one designated residential school week for the support of deaf students. A team of trained interpreters and note-takers work with deaf students and this additional support is usually found to be invaluable. Support Week Information

Field trips abroad are treated in exactly the same way as any other residential school.

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