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Short courses

You will not gain academic credit from studying these courses. If you are looking to study for credit or gain a qualification (degree, diploma or certificate), please visit our undergraduate prospectus.

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Applying strategic thinking (GB010) anytime
Developing and strengthening clinical teams (BG016) anytime
Developing cases for innovation (GB088) anytime
Developing yourself for clinical leadership (BG015) anytime
Effective leadership skills (GB003) anytime
Finance for non-financial managers (GB012) anytime
Improving dementia care (KG002) anytime
Improving diabetes management (KG003) anytime
Improving end-of-life care (KG001) anytime
Improving health and wellbeing (KG004) anytime
Improving operational performance (GB008) anytime
Innovating across boundaries (GB090) anytime
Innovating in primary care (GB092) anytime
Introduction to clinical leadership (BG014) anytime
Lean thinking: improving service effectiveness (BG019) anytime
Learn about galaxies, stars and planets (SG077) anytime
Learn about human genetics and health issues (SKG095) anytime
Learn about living without oil (SG076) anytime
Learn about microbes (SG071) anytime
Learn about molecules, medicines and drugs (SKG085) anytime
Learn about nuclear energy (STG074) anytime
Learn about plants and people (SG073) anytime
Learn about sport: the science behind the medals (SG072) anytime
Learn about the frozen planet (SG075) anytime
Learn about the weather (SG089) anytime
Managing performance through people (GB002) anytime
New managers' toolkit (GB079) anytime
Nuclear principles and protection (GT099) anytime
Personalisation in health and social care (GK096) anytime
Planning and leading service innovation (GB089) anytime
Quality improvement: identifying opportunities (BG018) anytime
Social marketing (GB017) anytime
The NHS: structure, decision making and your service (BG017) anytime
Time management for you and your team (GB057) anytime
Understanding service innovation (GB087) anytime
User-centred service innovations (GB091) anytime

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