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Postgraduate Courses


Postgraduate CreditsNext start
Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students (H810) 30Sep 2014
Advanced mathematical methods (M833) 30
Advanced routing - CCNP 1 (T824) 30May 2014
Analysis and design of enterprise systems: an object-oriented approach (M885) 15Nov 2014 FINAL
Analytic number theory I (M823) 30Oct 2014
Analytic number theory II (M829) 30Oct 2014
Applied complex variables (M828) 30Oct 2014
Approximation theory (M832) 30Oct 2014
Business operations: delivering value (T883) 30May 2014
Business, human rights law and corporate social responsibility (W822) 30Nov 2014
Calculus of variations and advanced calculus (M820) 30Oct 2014
Capacities for managing development (TU870) 30May 2014
Changing cities: urban transitions and decision making (D837) 30Nov 2014
Children and young people's worlds: frameworks for integrated practice (E807) 60Oct 2014
Coding theory (M836) 30Oct 2014
Communicating science in the information age (SH804) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
Concept to clinic (S827) 30Oct 2014
Conflict and development (T879) NEW30May 2015
Contemporary issues in brain and behaviour: psychosis and dementia (SD815) 60Jan 2015
Contemporary issues in science learning (SEH806) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
Continuing professional development in practice (U810) 30May 2014
Continuing professional development in practice (UYC810) NEW30May 2014
Corporate finance (BB831) NEW15May 2014
Critical criminological perspectives (D867) 30
Critical issues in equity, diversity and educational practice (E805) 60Oct 2014
Critical practice with children and young people (K802) 60Oct 2014
Curriculum, learning and society: investigating practice (E846) 60Oct 2014
Data management (M816) NEW30Nov 2014
Databases in enterprise systems (M888) 15May 2014
Developing research skills in science (S825) 30Oct 2014
Development: context and practice (T877) 30May 2014
Difficulties in literacy development (E801) 60Oct 2014
Digital forensics (M812) NEW30May 2014
Dissertation in mathematics (M840) 30Oct 2014
Dissertation: a research project (K800) 60
Earth science: a systems approach (S808) 60Jan 2015
Education for development (ET821) 30Nov 2014
Educational enquiry (E891) 60Oct 2014
Educational leadership: context, strategy and collaboration (E856) 60Oct 2014
Entrepreneurship: experience and perspective (BB846) 15May 2014
Environmental decision making: a systems approach (T863) 30May 2014
Environmental monitoring and protection (T868) 30Nov 2014
Environmental responsibility: ethics, policy and action (TD866) 30May 2014
Exploring legal meaning (W820) 30Nov 2014
Exploring the boundaries of international law (W821) 30May 2014
Finite element analysis: basic principles and applications (T804) NEW30Nov 2014
Forensic engineering (T839) 30Nov 2014 FINAL
Forensic psychology: crime, offenders and policing (D872) 30May 2014 FINAL
Forensic psychology: witnesses, experts and evidence on trial (D873) 30
Fractal geometry (M835) 30
Functional analysis (M826) 30
Further material in medical physics (S829) 10
Imaging in medicine (S809) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
Improving your practice (BYC834) NEW30Nov 2014
Information security (M811) 30Nov 2014
Information security management (M886) 15
Institutional development (TU872) 30May 2014
Introduction to corporate finance (B858) NEW30Nov 2014
Investigating language in action (E854) 60Oct 2014
Issues in contemporary social and political philosophy (A851) 60Jan 2015
Language, literacy and learning in the contemporary world (E852) 60Oct 2014
Leadership and management in intercultural contexts (BB848) 15May 2014
Leading healthcare improvements (K827) 60Oct 2014
Leading healthcare innovation (B833) 30
Leading professional practice in education (E855) 60Oct 2014
MA Art History part 1 (A843) NEW60Oct 2014
MA Classical Studies part 1 (A863) NEW60Oct 2014
MA English part 1 (A815) 120Oct 2014
MA English part 2 (A816) 60May 2014
MA History part 1 (A825) 120Oct 2014
MA History part 2 (A826) 60May 2014
MA Music part 1 (A873) NEW60Oct 2014
MA Religious Studies part 2 (A881) 60May 2014 FINAL
Making a difference (BXH830) 30
Making a difference (BZX830) 30May 2014
Making a difference (B830) 30May 2014
Making a difference: the management initiative (B839) 30May 2014
Management beyond the mainstream (BB847) 15May 2014
Managing financial risk (BB841) 15May 2014
Managing for sustainability (T867) 30May 2014
Managing systemic change: inquiry, action and interaction (TU812) 30Nov 2014
Managing technological innovation (T848) 30May 2014
Managing the software enterprise (M882) 15May 2014 FINAL
Manufacture materials design (T881) 30May 2014 FINAL
Marketing in the 21st century (BB844) 15May 2014
MBA stage 1: management: perspectives and practice (B716) 60May 2014
Molecules in medicine (S807) 60Jan 2015
MSc project module (S810) 60Nov 2014
MSc project module for IPEM accredited pathway (SXP810) 60Nov 2014
MSc project module for MSc in Medicinal Chemistry (SXM810) 60Nov 2014
MSc project module for MSc in Professional Science (SXB810) 60Nov 2014
Multilayer switching - CCNP 3 (T826) 30May 2014
Network security (T828) 30Nov 2014
Nonlinear ordinary differential equations (M821) 30Oct 2014
Openness and innovation in elearning (H817) 60Feb 2015
Optimising networks - CCNP 4 (T827) 30Nov 2014
Performances and repertories (A871) 60
Postgraduate certificate in academic practice (H812) 60
Postgraduate foundation module in philosophy (A850) 60Jan 2015
Practice-based research in educational technology (H809) 30Feb 2015
Problem solving and improvement: quality and other approaches (T889) 30May 2014
Professional practice portfolio (T894) 30Nov 2014
Project management (M865) 15May 2014 FINAL
Project management (M815) NEW30May 2014
Reflecting on professional learning in education (EE880) 60Oct 2014
Relational database systems (M876) 15Nov 2014 FINAL
Research methods dissertation in social sciences (D845) 60
Research project (T802) 60Oct 2014
Researching and evaluating healthcare practice (K828) 60Oct 2014
Researching mathematics learning (ME825) 60Oct 2014
Software development (M813) NEW30May 2014
Software engineering (M814) NEW30Nov 2014
Software requirements for business systems (M883) 15Nov 2014 FINAL
Strategic human resource management (BB845) 15May 2014
Strategic management in life sciences and healthcare (S811) 60Oct 2014
Strategy for technological innovation (T849) NEW30May 2015
Sustainable creative management (BB842) 15May 2014
Team engineering (T885) 30Sep 2014
Technology strategy (T846) 30May 2014
Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates (H800) 60Feb 2015
The art history dissertation (A847) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
The classical studies dissertation (A867) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
The development management project (TU874) 30May 2014
The dynamics of strategy (B835) 0
The dynamics of strategy (BB835) 30May 2014
The Greek theatre (A861) 60
The human resource professional (B863) NEW30Nov 2014
The law dissertation (W800) 60Nov 2014
The MSc professional project (T847) 30Nov 2014
The music dissertation (A877) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
The networked practitioner (H818) 30Oct 2014
The philosophy dissertation (A857) 60Jan 2015
Themes and issues in contemporary art history (A841) 60
Thinking strategically: systems tools for managing change (TU811) 30May 2014
Transforming professional practice (K829) 60Oct 2014
Understanding children's development and learning (ED841) 60Oct 2014
War, intervention and development (TU875) 30May 2014
Web systems integration (M887) 15May 2014 FINAL
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