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Environmental Management

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Our Environment Management programme is designed with a wide range of activities and occupations in mind. It is relevant to those working in or interested in environmental management, as well as associated activities such as health and safety or quality management. Everyday concerns of environmental protection, natural resource management, energy conservation and rapidly changing environmental legislation and environmental policy are considered in global and local contexts. Courses in the programme teach the skills you need to unpack the issues and participate creatively in the process of making environmental decisions, in all sectors of society.

Whether you’re already working in the field, or hoping to do so, the programme offers a clear pathway towards postgraduate qualifications. The programme is built on two core courses that give you a firm grounding in environmental management. These courses lead to the Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management. You then have a choice of modules for the Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management enabling you to focus on either the technological aspects of environmental management or the policy and organisational aspects of the disipline. And once you’ve achieved this, you have a choice of two research-based courses to complete your MSc in Environmental Management.

If you just want to study a particular topic for personal or professional reasons, you can take any one of the individual courses on its own.

Where to start in Environmental Management

If you’re ready for postgraduate study and want a qualification, start with the Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management (K19). Go to the description below for advice about the modules you need to take.

If you haven’t got a degree or equivalent but are interested in this subject,  you can contact our Student Registration and Enquiry Service to get advice about your ability to study at this level.

If you’re looking for standalone courses in specific areas and you’ve already got a degree, go to the 'Courses in Environmental Management' link below. Environmental decision making: a systems approach (T863) or Managing for sustainability (T867) are good general starting points if you’re looking for an introduction at this level. Do check the course descriptions for any entry requirements.

Taught Masters

  • Environmental Management
    This MSc enables you to development the skills to become more effective, informed and creative in your approach to environmental management.

Courses in Environmental Management

See the list of all our individual courses in Environmental Management.

Research degrees

For information about postgraduate research degrees, visit the Research Degrees Prospectus.

Studying outside of UK and Europe?

If you live outside of the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe, please visit our website for international students.


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