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Clinical Leadership

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The CPD Clinical Leadership programme, aimed at clinicians and health professionals, has been developed with BMJ Learning to help you develop the skills you need. It offers relevant and practical training that is grounded in your clinical practice.

Short courses in the programme are delivered online and require 25 or 50 hours of study time. You can fit your studies around your busy schedule and, as our courses develop your work-based skills, you can apply your learning straight away.

For further information on this programme, please visit the BMJ website.

Successful completion of specified courses from the programme, together with any assessment modules, will enable you to achieve the Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Leadership (K04).

Short courses

  • Introduction to clinical leadership
    This 25-hour course is aimed at health professionals and explores what it means to act with leadership as a clinician working in contemporary health services.
  • Developing yourself for clinical leadership
    This 25-hour course, aimed at health professionals working within the health service, explores the behaviours and skills required for clinical leadership.
  • Developing and strengthening clinical teams
    This online course is a self-contained introduction to working in clinical teams and the issues involved in improving teamworking and service performance
  • The NHS: structure, decision making and your service
    This course is for health professionals working within the health service and looks at some of the wider NHS structures, systems and decision-making processes.
  • Quality improvement: identifying opportunities
    This online course is a self-contained introduction to issues and approaches relevant to assessing the quality of health services
  • Lean thinking: improving service effectiveness
    This online course focuses on understanding the detailed organisation of the delivery of a healthcare service and is for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.
  • Understanding service innovation
    This online course focuses on both general and health care innovation to help you understand how to take forward innovations in your own service.
  • Developing cases for innovation
    This course will help you, as a doctor, nurse or an allied health professional, develop the case for innovation in some aspect of your service.
  • Planning and leading service innovation
    This course is intended for the clinician who has already begun to investigate the benefits and feasibility for their service, of a particular service innovation or related bundle of innovations. 
  • Innovating across boundaries
    Aimed at doctors, nurses or allied health professionals working within the health service at various stages in their careers, this 50-hour online course is intended to be taken after earlier courses.
  • User-centred service innovations
    This online course addresses some of the fundamentals of 21st century healthcare.
  • Innovating in primary care
    This online course focuses on the need to improve services from the perspective of how patients experience them as well as improving health outcomes.

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