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General Management Skills

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As a manager not only must you employ a wealth of knowledge (often in specialist areas) to drive your department/business forward but you are also required to obtain, develop and demonstrate a range of transferable key skills specific to the management of others. 

From new managers to experienced, managers of smaller businesses to those responsible for large-scale operations, it is never too late to learn, refresh or develop these skills.

Our suite of CPD General Management Skills courses will provide you with the skills to get the best out of your staff; make effective decisions through to a strategic level; encourage team work; resolve conflict; and be proactive in recognising where conflict may arise.

These short courses offer:

  • Up to 30 hours of online CPD – this does not mean you spend all 30 hours in front of the computer, some of this time will allow you the opportunity to reflect on the course materials and relate your learning to your workplace.
  • Full learning support – our learning advisers are available online to provide support through personal email or open forum discussions.
  • Personal feedback – on work-based activities making for a truly individual experience.
  • Work-based activity (WBA) – there are two types of WBA’s for these courses; most are designed with an integrated activity, which forms the foundation of your work-based activity with some added reflection. Others are designed with a reflective question at the end, drawing together the full learning of the course and applying it to your work situation.
  • A certificate of completion – upon successful submission of your WBA, you will receive a certificate that can be used as evidence of CPD for your employer or professional body; it details the number of hours you have studied and the learning outcomes you have completed.

Short courses

  • Effective leadership skills
    Examine different leadership ideas and theories, identify those of most value to you, and develop your own leadership practices and skills with this practical course.
  • Finance for non-financial managers
    Get to grips with financial management with this introduction to finance for non-specialists, covering budgeting, making a business case for resources, and measuring financial performance.
  • Improving your negotiation skills
    This short course helps you develop effective negotiation skills for your own work setting, using case studies to explore stages of negotiation and negotiation techniques.
  • Time management for you and your team
    Create a more efficient business by improving time management, and learn techniques enabling you and your staff to prioritise, delegate and plan more effectively.
  • Understanding finance and budgets
    This course will help increase your understanding of the basic concepts, key ideas and terminology of finance and budgets that all managers need.
  • New managers' toolkit
    This course equips you with tried and tested tools to help you with recognition and control over your everyday environment.

More Short courses

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You will not gain academic credit from studying these courses. If you are looking to study for credit or gain a qualification (degree, diploma or certificate), please visit our undergraduate prospectus.

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