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Health and Social Care

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All our short courses focus on improving care and practice in health and social care. 

Whether you receive care or provide care, Open University short courses play a valued role in supporting high quality care – in sharing good practice, addressing culture change and improving confidence.

These short courses offer:

  • High quality learning which you can apply right from the start.
  • Strong focus on improving practice, quality of care and service user experience.
  • Flexibility and accessibility – you can study whenever you want, wherever you have access to a computer or mobile device – and you don’t have to be away from work or caring responsibilities.

These courses are not formally assessed and they do not provide credits towards an Open University qualification.

Short courses

  • Personalisation in health and social care
    This online course provides an introduction to the concept of personalisation within the health and social care system.
  • Improving end-of-life care
    This multimedia online course focuses on improving end-of-life care for adults and is relevant to a diverse multi-professional audience.
  • Improving dementia care
    The course aims to help practitioners and carers understand the principles and issues behind practice in order to reflect upon the ‘messy reality’ of dementia care.
  • Improving diabetes management
    An introduction to the medical, psychological and social dimensions of diabetes which covers diagnosis and treatment as well as day-to-day management and monitoring for complications.
  • Improving health and wellbeing
    Online interactive teaching material and case studies explain how nutrition, exercise, alcohol, smoking and stress are influenced by individual factors, family dynamics, locality and wider society.

More Short courses

For a complete listing, view the A-Z of Short courses.

You will not gain academic credit from studying these courses. If you are looking to study for credit or gain a qualification (degree, diploma or certificate), please visit our undergraduate prospectus.

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