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What is an EdD?

The Doctorate in Education (EdD) is an innovative programme of part-time study designed for professionals in education and related areas who want to extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of contemporary educational issues. It is a prestigious qualification that demonstrates skill in applied research and strong professional development.

What will I get from an EdD?

You will acquire skills in educational research and enquiry and be able to use these to carry out research that will contribute to professional knowledge and practice.

A growing number of professionals regard this style of doctoral programme as being a more appropriate vehicle for further development than the traditional PhD, due to the applied nature of the research undertaken.

Successful candidates are awarded the degree of Doctor of Education and are entitled to use the title ‘Dr’.

How does it work?


The EdD is a structured three-year part-time programme of study. The programme normally starts in May and you study in a cohort with other students.

Pattern of study

The first year centres on a literature review and an initial research study. The next two years comprise supported and supervised research.

Residential weekends and day schools

There is a compulsory residential weekend for students and supervisors in Year 1, usually in late June or early July.

Students and supervisors are also strongly encouraged to attend:

  • a day school in Year 2 (in early October), and
  • a residential weekend in Year 3 (in early February).


You will complete 12 progress reports across Years 1, 2 and 3.

At the end of Year 1, students must pass a 'Year 1 Final Report' before progressing to Year 2 of the programme

Once you have completed your research you must complete a 50,000-word thesis which you submit and then ‘defend’ via an oral examination (a ‘viva’). The thesis must demonstrate the relationship between theory and practice in education, and the ability to select and apply appropriate research methods.

Entry requirements

Applicants should normally hold, or be expecting to obtain, a masters degree in education or a related discipline from a UK university (or equivalent) that includes a 60 credit taught course in educational research methods. Alternatively, they should hold a masters degree in education or a related discipline plus 60 credits in educational research methods.

To check if you meet the entry requirements of the programme, try our Eligibility tool.

Application closing date

Please note the application period for 2014 entry has now closed, but you can submit an application between August and November 2014 for entry in May 2015.

Your questions

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