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Religion, identities, cultures and citizenship

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Religions are significant aspects of people’s identities and their engagement with others. We are interested in the ways in which religion informs, inspires, conflicts with, and otherwise intersects with other identities and aspects of identities, e.g. their cultural, political and civic engagements. Political and national commitments and involvements are areas of interest here. Diverse phenomena that might be labelled ‘civil religion’ are a strong area of our existing research. We have published extensively in relation to questions of how ceremonies expressive of local belonging, political affiliation, or the remembrance of war dead intersect with religious activities and identities. We look at the role predispositions and preferences played in relation to religious choice, and the issues of belonging, participation and authenticity that can be implicated in this. We are interested in the complex relationships between cultures and religions, especially as they are lived out and change under internal and external pressures.

We welcome applications in areas which correspond with current staff research interests. We look for detailed and well thought-out proposals, which set out specific research questions and outline the originality of your topic or approach. If you would like to discuss your ideas informally before submitting an application; please contact the department.

Qualifications available:

PhD or MPhil


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Entry requirements:

Minimum 2:1 (or equivalent)

Further information

If you have an enquiry specific to this research area please contact:

Dr Paul-Francois Tremlett
+44 (0)1908 652032

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