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Undergraduate modules

Level 1CreditsNext start
An introduction to business studies (B120) 30Oct 2014
An introduction to health and social care (K101) 60Oct 2014
An introduction to law in contemporary Scotland (W150) 15Oct 2014
An introduction to retail management and marketing (B122) 30Oct 2014
Andante: beginners' Italian (L195) 30Oct 2014
Auftakt: intermediate German (L130) 30Oct 2014
Beginners' Chinese (L197) 30Oct 2014
Bon départ: beginners' French (L192) 30Oct 2014
Contemporary Wales (D172) 15
Croeso: beginners' Welsh (L196) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century (U101) 60Oct 2014
Development of financial practice (DB124) 20Aug 2014
Discovering mathematics (MU123) 30Oct 2014
Discovering psychology (DSE141) 30
En rumbo: intermediate Spanish (L140) 30Oct 2014
Engineering at work (T198) 30Oct 2014
Engineering the future (T174) 30Oct 2014
English for academic purposes online (L185) 30Oct 2014
Enhancing your healthcare practice (K117) 60Sep 2014
Environment: journeys through a changing world (U116) 60Oct 2014
Essential mathematics 1 (MST124) 30Oct 2014
Essential mathematics 2 (MST125) NEW30Oct 2014
Exploring languages and cultures (L161) NEW30Oct 2014
Exploring science (S104) 60Oct 2014
Foundations for effective practice in youth justice (K115) 60Oct 2014
Foundations for social work practice (KYJ113) 60Jan 2015
Foundations for social work practice (KZW113) 60Jan 2015
Galaxies, stars and planets (S177) 10Oct 2014
Inside nuclear energy (ST174) 10
Introducing health sciences: a case study approach (SDK125) 30Oct 2014
Introducing statistics (M140) 30Oct 2014
Introducing the social sciences (DD101) 60
Introducing the social sciences (DD102) NEW60Oct 2014
Introducing the social sciences - part one (DD131) 30
Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting (B190) 10May 2014
Introduction to childhood studies and child psychology (E102) NEW60Oct 2014
Introduction to counselling (D171) 15Oct 2014
Introduction to financial services (BD131) 10May 2014
Introduction to sport, fitness and management (E112) 60Oct 2014
Introduction to working with young people in practice (E118) 60Oct 2014
Investigating psychology 1 (DE100) NEW60Oct 2014
Investigative and mathematical skills in science (S141) 30Oct 2014
Leading work with young people (E132) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Leading work with young people: supported APEL route (EZL132) 30Feb 2015 FINAL
Learning through enquiry in primary schools (E101) 60Oct 2014
Living without oil: chemistry for a sustainable future (S176) 10Oct 2014
Make your experience count (U122) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Making sense of the arts (Y180) 15
Making sense of things: an introduction to material culture (A151) 30
Management practice (B123) 30Apr 2015
Managing in the workplace (B121) 30
Managing in the workplace (BXS121) 30
Maths for science (S151) 10Oct 2014
Microsoft server technologies (TM128) 30
Molecules, medicines and drugs: a chemical story (SK185) 10Oct 2014
My digital life (TU100) 60Oct 2014
Ouverture: intermediate French (L120) 30Oct 2014
Perspectives in health and social care (K118) NEW60Oct 2014
Portales: beginners' Spanish (L194) 30Oct 2014
Professional communication skills for business studies (LB160) 30Apr 2015 FINAL
Rules, rights and justice: an introduction to law (W100) 60
Rundblick: beginners' German (L193) 30Oct 2014
Scientific investigations (S155) 10Oct 2014 FINAL
Starting with maths (Y182) 15
Starting with psychology (Y183) 15
Supporting learning in primary schools (E111) 60Oct 2014
Technologies in practice (TM129) 30Oct 2014
The arts past and present (AA100) 60Oct 2014
The early years: developing practice (E100) 60Oct 2014
The frozen planet (S175) 10Oct 2014
The story of maths (TM190) 10May 2014 FINAL
Topics in health sciences (SK143) 30Oct 2014
Topics in science (S142) 30Jan 2015
Understanding cancers (SK123) 15
Understanding cardiovascular diseases (SK121) 15Sep 2014 FINAL
Understanding children and young people (Y176) 15
Understanding management (Y179) 15
Understanding the autism spectrum (SK124) 15Nov 2014
Using mathematics (MST121) 30
Vivace: intermediate Italian (L150) 30Oct 2014
Voices, texts and material culture (A105) NEW60Oct 2014
Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis (S186) 10Oct 2014
Working and learning in sport and fitness (E113) 60Oct 2014
Working and learning: developing effective performance at work (BUXS130) 30Oct 2014
Working and learning: developing effective performance at work (BU130) 30Oct 2014
Working with children and young people in trouble (K116) 60Oct 2014
Working with young people: an introduction (E108) 60Oct 2014
You and your money: personal finance in context (DB123) 30Oct 2014
Level 2CreditsNext start
Adult health, social care and wellbeing (K217) 60Oct 2014
Algorithms, data structures and computability (M269) 30Oct 2014
Analysing data (M248) 30Oct 2014
Analytical science: health, heritage and environments (S240) 30Oct 2014
Astronomy (S282) 30Oct 2014
Business functions in context (B203) 60Oct 2014
Business organisations and their environments (B201) 60Oct 2014
Cell biology (S294) 30Oct 2014
Challenging ideas in mental health (K272) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Child development (ED209) 60Oct 2014 FINAL
Childhood (E212) 60Oct 2014
Cisco networking (CCNA) (T216) 60Oct 2014
Commercial transactions: law and practice (W222) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Communication and information technologies (T215) 60Oct 2014
Company law and practice (W223) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Counselling: exploring fear and sadness (D240) 30May 2014
Creative writing (A215) 60Oct 2014
Death and dying (K260) 30Oct 2014
Dementia care (K235) 30Oct 2014
Design essentials (T217) 60Oct 2014
Design for engineers (T218) 30Oct 2014
Designing applications with Visual Basic (MT264) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Diverse perspectives on mental health (K225) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Effective practice in youth justice (K208) 60Oct 2014
Employment law and practice (W221) 30Oct 2014
Energy and sustainability (T213) 30Oct 2014
Engineering: mechanics, materials, design (T207) 60Oct 2014
Environment: sharing a dynamic planet (DST206) 60Oct 2014
Environmental management 1 (T219) 30Oct 2014
Environmental science (S216) 60
Envol: upper intermediate French (L211) 60Oct 2014
Equality, participation and inclusion: learning from each other (E214) 60Oct 2014
Exploring art and visual culture (A226) 60Oct 2014
Exploring history: medieval to modern 1400-1900 (A200) 60Oct 2014
Exploring mathematics (MS221) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Exploring philosophy (A222) 60Oct 2014
Exploring psychology (DSE212) 60Oct 2014
Exploring psychology on-line project (DZX222) 15Oct 2014
Exploring psychology project (DXR222) 15Jun 2014
Exploring the classical world (A219) 60Oct 2014
Extending your contribution to healthcare practice (K236) 60Nov 2014
Financial accounting (B291) 30Oct 2014
From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830 (A207) 60Oct 2014
Geology (S276) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Health and illness (K213) 60Oct 2014
Human biology (SK277) 30Oct 2014
Inside music (A224) 60Oct 2014
International development: making sense of a changing world (TD223) 60Oct 2014
Introducing religions (A217) 60Oct 2014
IT project and service management (M258) 30Oct 2014
Law: the individual and the state (W201) 60Oct 2014
Leading work with young people in practice (E218) 60Oct 2014
Living in a globalised world (DD205) 60Oct 2014
Making it happen! Leadership, influence and change (B204) 60Oct 2014
Making it happen! Leadership, influence and change in retailing (BXA204) 60Oct 2014
Making your coaching certificate count (EXC224) 30Feb 2015
Making your exercise instruction certificate count (EXF224) 30Feb 2015
Management accounting (B292) 30Oct 2014
Mathematical methods (MST224) 30Oct 2014
Mathematical methods and models (MST209) 60
Mathematical methods, models and modelling (MST210) NEW60Oct 2014
Medicine and society in Europe 1500-1930 (A218) 60Oct 2014
Motive: upper intermediate German (L203) 60Oct 2014
Object-oriented Java programming (M250) 30Oct 2014
Our dynamic planet: Earth and life (S279) 30
Personal investment in an uncertain world (DB234) 30May 2014
Planetary science and the search for life (S283) 30Oct 2014
Power, dissent, equality: understanding contemporary politics (DD203) 60Oct 2014
Practical environmental science (SXE288) 30
Practical modern statistics (M249) 30Oct 2014
Practical science: biology and health (SXHL288) 30Oct 2014
Practical science: chemistry and analysis (SXC288) 30
Practical science: Earth and environment (SXG288) 30
Practical science: physics and astronomy (SXP288) 30
Pure mathematics (M208) 60Oct 2014
Putting Java to work (M257) 20
Reading and studying literature (A230) 60Oct 2014
Reading classical Greek: language and literature (A275) 60Oct 2014
Reading classical Latin (A297) 30
Relationships, families and the law (W224) 30Oct 2014
Running the economy (DD209) 60Oct 2014
Science in context (S250) 30Oct 2014
Social work with children, young people and families in Scotland (K229) 30
Software development with Java (M256) 30Jan 2015
Sport and conditioning science into practice (E217) 60Oct 2014
Sport and exercise psychology: a case study approach (E233) 30Oct 2014
Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools (E207) 60Oct 2014
The art history residential school (AXR272) 15May 2014
The law and social work in England and Wales (K270) 60Oct 2014
The law and social work in Scotland (K207) 60Jan 2015
The molecular world (S205) 60
The physical world (S207) 60Oct 2014 FINAL
The science of the mind: investigating mental health (SDK228) 30Oct 2014
The technology of music (TA212) 60Oct 2014 FINAL
The uses of social science (DD206) 60Oct 2014
Understanding global heritage (AD281) 60Oct 2014
Understanding law (W200) 60Oct 2014
Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish (L204) 60Oct 2014
Web technologies (TT284) 30Oct 2014
Welfare, crime and society (DD208) 60Oct 2014
Working with children, young people and families (K218) 60Oct 2014
World archaeology (A251) 30Nov 2014 FINAL
Worlds of English (U214) 60Oct 2014
Youth justice: theory, research and practice (K209) 60Oct 2014
Level 3CreditsNext start
20th century literature: texts and debates (A300) 60Oct 2014
A buen puerto: advanced Spanish (L314) 60Jan 2015
A world of whose making? (DU301) 60
Accounting for strategy implementation (B321) 30
Adulthood, ageing and the life course (K319) 60Oct 2014
Advanced creative writing (A363) 60Oct 2014
Advanced management accounting (B392) NEW30Oct 2014
Applications of probability (M343) 30Oct 2014
Art of the twentieth century (AA318) 60Oct 2014
Astrophysics (S382) 30Oct 2014
Chemical change and environmental applications (S345) 20May 2014
Children's literature (EA300) 60Oct 2014
Cognitive psychology (DD303) 60Jan 2015 FINAL
Complex analysis (M337) 30Oct 2014
Continuing classical Latin (A397) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Crime and justice (DD301) 60Oct 2014
Developing algebraic thinking (ME625) 30Mar 2015
Developing concurrent distributed systems (M362) 30Feb 2015 FINAL
Developing geometric thinking (ME627) 30Oct 2014
Developing statistical thinking (ME626) 30Mar 2015
Doing economics: people, markets and policy (DD309) 60Oct 2014
Drug design and synthesis (S346) 20Oct 2014 FINAL
Earth in crisis: environmental policy in an international context (DU311) 60Oct 2014
Ebusiness technologies: foundations and practice (T320) 30Oct 2014
Ecosystems (S396) 30Oct 2014
Electromagnetism (SMT359) 30Oct 2014
Empire: 1492-1975 (A326) 60Oct 2014
Engineering small worlds: micro and nano technologies (T356) 30Oct 2014
English grammar in context (E303) 60Sep 2014 FINAL
Environmental management 2 (T319) NEW30Oct 2014
Europe 1914-1989: war, peace, modernity (A327) 60Oct 2014
Evolution (S366) 30
Exploring practice (K316) 60Oct 2014
Exploring psychological aspects of athletic development (E313) 60Oct 2014
From composition to performance: musicians at work (AA302) 60Oct 2014 FINAL
Fundamentals of interaction design (M364) 30Oct 2014
Further pure mathematics (M303) NEW60Oct 2014
Graphs, networks and design (MT365) 30Oct 2014
Groups and geometry (M336) 30
Infectious disease and public health (SK320) 30Oct 2014
Innovation: designing for a sustainable future (T307) 60
Innovation: designing for change (T317) NEW60Oct 2014
International relations: continuity and change in global politics (DD313) NEW60Oct 2014
Investigating entrepreneurial opportunities (B322) 30Oct 2014
Issues in research with children and young people (EK313) 60Oct 2014
Keeping ahead in information and communication technologies (T324) 30Oct 2014
Key questions in philosophy (A333) NEW60Oct 2014
Law: agreements, rights and responsibilities (W300) 60Oct 2014
Law: ownership and trusteeship: rights and responsibilities (W301) 60Oct 2014
Leadership and management in health and social care (K313) 60Oct 2014
Linear statistical modelling (M346) 30Oct 2014
Living political ideas (DD306) 60Oct 2014
Making sense of strategy (B301) 60Oct 2014
Making social worlds (DD308) 60Oct 2014
Managing 1: organisations and people (B628) 30May 2014
Managing 1: organisations and people - online version (BZX628) 30May 2014
Managing 2: marketing and finance (B629) 30May 2014
Managing 2: marketing and finance - online version (BZX629) 30May 2014
Managing 3: the integration challenge (B690) 10May 2014
Managing across organisational and cultural boundaries (B325) 30May 2014
Marketing and society (B324) 30May 2014
Mathematical methods and fluid mechanics (MST326) 30Oct 2014
Mathematical statistics (M347) 30Oct 2014
Mathematical thinking in schools (ME620) 30Oct 2014
Metals and life (S347) 20Oct 2014 FINAL
Mises au point: advanced French (L310) 60Jan 2015
Molecular and cell biology (S377) 30Feb 2015 FINAL
Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds (A330) 60Oct 2014
Natural and artificial intelligence (M366) 30
Number theory and mathematical logic (M381) 30
Oceanography (S330) 30Oct 2014 FINAL
Optimization (M373) 30
Personal lives and social policy (DD305) 60Oct 2014
Promoting public health: skills, perspectives and practice (K311) 60Oct 2014
Relational databases: theory and practice (M359) 30
Renaissance art reconsidered (AA315) 60Oct 2014
Renewable energy (T313) 30Oct 2014
Researching biology and health science (SXL390) 30Feb 2015
Science project course: environmental science practical project (SXE390) 30Feb 2015
Science project course: frontiers in chemistry (SXM390) 30Feb 2015
Science project course: geosciences (SXG390) 30Feb 2015
Science project course: radiation and matter (SXP390) 30Feb 2015
Science project course: science in society project (SXN390) 30Feb 2015
Shakespeare: text and performance (AA306) 60Oct 2014 FINAL
Signals and perception: the science of the senses (SD329) 30Oct 2014
Social psychology: critical perspectives on self and others (DD307) 60Oct 2014
Software engineering (TM354) NEW30Oct 2014
Software engineering with objects (M363) 30
Structural integrity: designing against failure (T357) 30Oct 2014
Technologies for digital media (T325) 30Oct 2014
The art of English (E301) 60Sep 2014
The environmental web (U316) 60Jan 2015
The geological record of environmental change (S369) 30Oct 2014
The nineteenth-century novel (AA316) 60Oct 2014
The quantum world (SM358) 30Oct 2014
The relativistic Universe (S383) 30Oct 2014
Thought and experience: themes in the philosophy of mind (AA308) 60
Understanding the continents (S339) 30Oct 2014
Variationen: advanced German (L313) 60Jan 2015
Waves, diffusion and variational principles (MS324) 30Oct 2014
Why is religion controversial? (A332) 60Oct 2014
Working together for children (KE312) 60Oct 2014
Youth: policy in practice (E318) 60Oct 2014
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