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Education courses

This is a list of all the modules available for study as standalone courses in Education. Please note that this is an alphabetical list. You should not study these courses in this order.

OU modules are planned on the assumption that you will study progressively from one study level to the next, starting at Level 1. Modules at Level 2 and Level 3 assume that you are suitably prepared for study at this level. If you want to study a module as a standalone course, you don't need to start at Level 1 but you do need to have adequately prepared yourself for OU study in some other way. Check with advisory staff at our Student Registration & Enquiry Service to make sure that you are sufficiently prepared.

Course title (code) Level Credits Next Start
Developing algebraic thinking (ME625) 3 30 Apr 2014
Developing geometric thinking (ME627) 3 30 Oct 2014
Developing statistical thinking (ME626) 3 30 Apr 2014
Equality, participation and inclusion: learning from each other (E214) 2 60 Oct 2014
Learning through enquiry in primary schools (E101) 1 60 Oct 2014
Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools (E207) 2 60 Oct 2014
Supporting learning in primary schools (E111) 1 60 Oct 2014
The early years: developing practice (E100) 1 60 Oct 2014
Youth: policy in practice (E318) 3 60 Oct 2014

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