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BSc (Honours) Mathematics: pathway

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This degree is made up of 360 credits.

What you will study

There are two ways to start a qualification. You can begin your studies at Stage 1, or, if you haven’t studied for a long time, you can get started by studying an Access module as an additional preparatory stage of your chosen qualification. We know from experience that students who have completed an Access module do better in their subsequent modules, so it could be the vital first step you take to help you succeed in your future studies.

To find out the recommended Access module for this pathway, choose your country in the Fees section below.

Stage 1

You’ll begin Stage 1 with the compulsory module Discovering mathematics (MU123)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,MU123,,1 (30 credits), which introduces and helps integrate key ideas from statistics, algebra, geometry and trigonometry into your everyday thinking to build your confidence in learning and using mathematics.

You’ll follow this with three compulsory 30-credit modules: Using mathematics (MST121)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,MST121,,1, Introducing statistics (M140)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,M140,,1 and Exploring mathematics (MS221)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,MS221,,1. Together, they provide a broad introduction to various topics in pure and applied mathematics and statistics. You’ll develop a variety of skills including problem solving, how to develop and present a mathematical argument and how to represent and interpret statistical data. These are the key skills required for higher level study in mathematics.

Note: you will normally need to achieve a certain standard in Stage 1 mathematics before progressing to Stage 2.

Stage 2

At Stage 2 you’ll develop your skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Pure mathematics (M208)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,M208,,1 (60 credits) – formal proof, abstract structures, linear algebra, analysis, group theory
  • Mathematical methods and models (MST209)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,MST209,,1 (60 credits) – differential equations, linear algebra, vector calculus
  • Mathematical modelling (MSXR209)undergraduate.qualification.pathways.Q31-2,module,MSXR209,,1 (10 credits) – computer algebra software, methods of Newtonian mechanics, practical elements of mathematical modelling.

You’ll also continue to broaden your experience in the use of appropriate mathematical software and in explaining and communicating mathematical ideas to others.

Stage 3

At Stage 3 you’ll study a selection from a range of more advanced mathematical topics currently including: complex analysis, graphs and networks, optimization, groups, metric space theory, number theory, waves, diffusion, variational principles, computer algebra, chaos, mathematical methods, fluid mechanics, quantum physics, and electromagnetism.

Modules quoted in qualification descriptions are those that are currently available for study. As the structure of our qualifications is reviewed on a regular basis, the University is unable to guarantee that the same selection of modules will continue to be available in future years.

How long it takes

Typically it takes seven years part-time study to complete this qualification, but you can take anything from five to 16 years. 


Where will you be resident whilst you study?

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