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English for academic purposes online

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: L185
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

This module really helped me improve my academic writing. In particular I had an excellent tutor who gave valued and constructive advice that allowed me to build on each tutor-marked assignment. Highly recommended.

Samantha Knights

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: August 2019

This module was a very easy module and the information provided was efficient. I did find the tutor-marked assignments quite repetitive but I had my highest marks with this module. Some of the work was rather interesting.

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: August 2019

I am very pleased that I have taken this course and appreciated taking L161 first in 2014 (having left school 20 odd years ago).

After the course, I feel that I am better in writing business emails and I feel more confident in further academic studies. I also had a fabulous tutor.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone!

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: August 2016

I really enjoyed this course and found it very helpful to my studies. I only wished I had done it earlier.

Stella Marie Ogden

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: June 2016

I found this course really enjoyable I had an excellent tutor which really makes a difference. You can take what you learn from this course to use in future study with OU and would recommend this module to anyone just beginning study. I found participating in elluminate and online TGF discussions really helpful. Overall a great module!

Louise Lawrence

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: September 2013

This was the first ever course I chose to study with the OU. I was never really any good at writing essays at school so I thought this would be a good one to start me off on my degree in English Literature.

I learnt a lot on how to structure and accurately write an academic essay. This has proved incredibly helpful in writing essays in other courses too. I received some high marks on the TMAs and a distinction on the EMA (very happy with that!)

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is a bit nervous about starting to study again.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: July 2013

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