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Learning and doing geometry

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: ME321
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

A very enjoyable module.

Something different for me as I never had to analyze how I was approaching maths before.

Now I am much more aware of how different people may look at a problem.

Also some of the systems for working on geometric problems really opened up a lot of solutions for me and my students.

Hugh Harkin

Course starting: October 2022

Review posted: September 2023

I really enjoyed this module, and my students enjoyed the rich tasks that I was able to develop from my learning. But I was very disappointed with not having all the course materials in a book format. Only the tasks are in a book the main module is online, so you have to allocate larger periods of time to study rather than taking a book around with you. This also made revision much harder and I now do not have the course materials in an easy-to-access format to look back on.

Course starting: October 2022

Review posted: September 2023

I took this course as one of my final two for my STEM degree - the other being ME322. I am planning on training to become a teacher and feel this has given me valuable insights into not only recognising the mathematical process learners undergo, but also the skill of sitting back and observing in order to learn. Your mathematical skill level is not an issue, in fact the tasks you undertake are more insightful if you don't fully understand as you begin to see your thinking process. I loved this module and it's corresponding algebraic thinking one.

Course starting: October 2022

Review posted: September 2023

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