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Student and tutor module reviews

Science project course: radiation and matter

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: SXP390
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

There is simply nothing like it! The freedom of thought this module gave me accompanied by the careful guidance of my tutor made this module one of the best experiences of my degree. It is up there with the project I did in Astrophysics (S382) which sadly, I didn't comment on after I had completed it. I obtained distinctions in both modules, so they were critical in my securing a first-class honours in my degree.

What I particularly like about SXP390 (and S390 in general) is that YOU decide the content so there is no right or wrong answer. This freedom is truly liberating for a free-thinking person like me but on the flip side, you really need to be careful as you navigate the many research papers you will have to view. Crucially, you need to choose a topic that really interests you and be aware of the many 'black holes' you can find yourself in.

I chose quantum information and quantum entanglement (QEQI)—I had wanted to do a project in quantum mechanics for more than 10 years. It was the topic that eventually led me to give up my career in the medical field and eventually turn to physics, so finally getting to do QEQI was a dream come true! The mathematics was hard, but what mattered most, was my ability to translate them into physics. Unsurprisingly, this was not easy!

Your planner is going to be very important in helping you in your journey; it must take into account potential stumbling blocks. I pencilled in allowance for a hypothetical 'crisis meeting' with my tutor should I notice I'm behind on my planner after a certain date. Luckily, I never needed that meeting, but my tutor did appreciate that I had thought of that!

Three other important tools you should pay close attention to are your log, reflections, and mark scheme. My distinction would not have been possible if I had not allocated a significant amount of time and attention to them so do not fall into the trap of treating them as an 'afterthought'.

This is a module where the student really is king, but every king requires an advisor (and a highly knowledgeable and skilled one!). Pay close attention to your tutor's feedback and read all the guidance the module team supply because with no textbooks provided, you'll need them!

Charles Chidi Umesi

Course starting: February 2020

Review posted: July 2021

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