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Introduction to computing and information technology 1

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: TM111
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

Achieving some distinctions at Level 3 Information Technology in college, I found this module a little lacking when progression my education in IT but being a Stage 1 module it's quite adequate for the entry requirements and I didn't expect much more.

I believe if you were to step into this module with little to no IT experience it would be a challenge, yet still be more than achievable for any person who is intellectually capable.

Course starting: April 2019

Review posted: July 2020

I found this module to be very elementary in nature to say the least. Although I do understand that first year modules are meant to level the knowledge across different individuals, TM111 never delved deeper that GCSE or at best AS level. Book 1 is purely general knowledge while book 2 uses an OU platform that is similar to Scrtach in a similar fashion that is thought to 13 year olds.
Book 3 is also very basic.
In my personal opinion this course is not worth the money spent especially when considering the free IT courses provided on other platforms e.g. Coursera, Udemy etc.

Kevin Cassar

Course starting: April 2019

Review posted: June 2020

Faculty response

I am sorry if you are dissatisfied with your experience of studying this module.
As with all Open University modules, the teaching materials on TM111 have been subjected to a rigorous process of critical reading by Open University academics and tutors and have also been reviewed by an external assessor from another university. An important reason for these measures is to ensure that the level of teaching is appropriate for the diverse cohort of students with a wide range of prior educational experience who study with us.

An excellent module and a fantastic gap-filler in my studies.

I really enjoyed the varied tech topics, which were presented in a very user-friendly way.

I especially enjoyed the sound engineering unit, so much so that I am lined up for Music, Sound and Technology (A232) as part of my Combined STEM degree.

Finally, studies that I can talk to my hubby about, as he is an I.T. architect and regularly talks geeky waffle!

Helen Ghosh

Course starting: April 2019

Review posted: June 2020

The module was laid out in a simplistic way which was ideal for a beginner such as myself. A very interesting and enjoyable module!

I had a fantastic tutor and mentor of the highest calibre. Always willing to help and explain in depth with the patience to go over work more than once. He made the effort in all aspects.

Shaun van Tonder

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: May 2019

Overall this is a quite a gentle course which is useful for easing back into study if you have been out of the game for a while. At times some of the information seems very basic but it is making sure all students are brought up to the same level of understanding for future modules. As somebody who has no prior knowledge in this subject I found it useful but if you are already proficient I would not recommend this module. I would like to say that the tutor were fantastic and offered lots of support. There were textbooks sent late but it was the first time the module was running so I understand things were still being finalised.
I think the module helped me the most by showing me how broad the subject actually is.

Gemma Doughty

Course starting: October 2017

Review posted: November 2018

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