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  • Points: 30
  • Code: TM129
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

A really useful little module - gives you tasters in networking, Linux and (perhaps the least useful) robotics which is a simulated robot that you must program to perform tasks (very basic stuff mind you). The networking and Linux aspects are very useful and cover a fair amount of stuff given they are each only a third of the 30 credit course. It would, however, have been nice to see an exam for this module, as learning only takes place when stuff is revised. As it was I feel most of the content was forgotten, even if my notes might be a good building block for later on.

Anthony Christopher Lee

Course starting: October 2016

Review posted: July 2018

I really enjoyed studying robotics, networks and Linux, at the end a good feeling of improved skills.
My marks were really low this time and for me the reason is clear: Compared to other modules, in this one I felt really alone, did not get much support where I needed and asked for, and the information was not always there where it was supposed to. But the content of this module is very enjoyable and enriching. All other things I must say is about personal taste. Good or bad, plenty of valuable information there.

I recommend this module.

Murilo de Melo Reis

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: November 2016

A fantastic course that covers Robotics, Networking and Linux I must say I found the course extremely enjoyable and it was not too hard to manage compared to my previous module TU100 My Digital life. I got to say I liked all three topics covered but if I had to pick my best two personally for me it was Robotics and Networking both these were covered brilliantly on the course. The networking book I still use for reference today and the robotics DVD was also excellent.

The on-line course material was fantastic and really easy to follow. Lastly big thanks to my excellent tutor who guided me through my TM129 journey. Trust me this course is a really manageable and enjoyable course you will pick up some essential attributes to further your knowledge on Networking, Linux and robotics GO FOR IT!

Patrick Ryan

Course starting: January 2016

Review posted: November 2016

This was a strange course - 3 'mini modules' in one course, with only small links between the subjects.

I think the Linux and Networking subjects together would have made for a more cohesive module overall. The robotics just seemed to be thrown in as padding, and other than really enjoying watching the James May videos I can't really remember much detail of what I learned in this part of the course.

The learning on both Linux and Networking was very helpful, and I had great tutor support with some face-to-face tutorials (which unfortunately from the tutor's point of view weren't well attended by other students.

The preliminary knowledge I gained on the course gave me enough confidence to work within the terminal environment, and to better understand the set up of my home network.

I can recommend the course if you like to get a flavour for things without going into too much depth, however if you are like me and want all the details then this may not be the module for you.

Veronica Colling

Course starting: January 2015

Review posted: May 2016

Very good course and my tutor was very supportive. I recommend TM129 as it gently introduces you to Networks - it's a must have before starting T216 CCNA Networking.

Course starting: January 2015

Review posted: March 2016

A good first year module I'd say. The first TMA basically lets you know how assignments are going to get marked. Only by losing some good marks on the first TMA, with the feedback, I was able to get better as the module progressed.

I sometimes wished the explanations and instructions were more clearly distinguished, especially in the Linux section.

Other than that, had a good study and a good tutor with good feedback.

Course starting: February 2013

Review posted: May 2014

I think the idea behind this module is very good. However the practical activities were just awful. It is expected to lie about learning outcomes on computer skills that an average person using a computer might already have. To give an example, if you say that you didn't learn anything new in making screenshots while installing an operating system that you have already installed 50 times in your life, you will lose marks on your TMA. It is expected that you lie about it if you are an experienced computer user.

The module will be far too easy if you are a computer science student, or have experience with computers and networks, and the practical activities will probably just annoy you.

I enjoyed the book about networking because it allowed me to explore subjects beyond the scope of the module. I have also enjoyed the part about robotics, even if it wasn't challenging at all.

I would recommend this module only if you are not an experienced computer user and you wish to explore, very superficially, the fields of Linux operating systems, networking and robotics.

Course starting: February 2013

Review posted: December 2013

Fair to say I was one of the first students to study this module and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Composed of three individual areas of computing, I found the Introduction to Linux & the Introduction to Microsoft Networking the most enjoyable. While the Introduction to Robotics was enjoyable, I found it tough as Im not fond of programming languages.

Compared to my previous module TU100, the TM129 workload is fairly easy to maintain and I would class the overall level of difficulty as easy or beginner. I had no real prior exposure to Linux, but the learning format was very good and interesting although it took a while to install a required version of Ubuntu on my mac via VirtualBox. As mentioned above I struggled mainly with the Robotics material but still managed to pull some good scores with assignments which shows you the learning format works.

If, like me, you're doing a computer related degree then this is an easy 30 credits to obtain. If your study pathway isn't as such then I'd still recommend this course as it's material is a good introduction to 3 sought after areas within computing and could help give you an idea of a particular area of computing you wish to major in. In this case, my area has always been networking.

In regards to the TMAS/e-portfolios/EMA, there was a lot of moaning done by fellow students about how easy things were and while I agreed with some of their points, the majority of the work asked for was well organised. If anything could do with a tweak it would be the final EMA as it didn't really feel challenging plus there was no feedback what so ever apart from the grade.

Darren James

Course starting: February 2013

Review posted: December 2013

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