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STEM - Listening event - student experiences in 2020 and looking to the future

Thursday, 19th November (19.30hrs - 20.30hrs)

If you are a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics student we want to hear from you. The pandemic situation in Spring and Summer 2020 led to a rapid change in the way in which final module assessments or examinations were conducted across the university. In STEM a number of different solutions were deployed. We are aware that not everything went smoothly for all students but as a faculty we are very keen to learn from this experience. We hope to become increasingly innovative around assessment in the future and your views and experiences are important to us.

This STEM faculty listening event is an opportunity for you to voice your views on the shape of future assessment in STEM, informed by the unique situation you found yourself in this year.

Please complete this form to register for the Student Voice Week 2020 session titled ‘STEM - Listening Event- student experiences in 2020 and looking to the future’

The session will be hosted on Thursday 19th November from 19.30 to 20.30 via MS Teams.

We look forward to welcoming you and hearing your voice!

For more details about Student Voice Week 2020 please visit

Data Protection

Any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and used only by Open University staff as part of this event. All personal information will be destroyed once it is no longer needed. This event is administered under the Open University's general Data Protection policy guidelines.

Important notice for all participants

Please note that the event will be recorded and extracts may be made available as a replay via the externally facing eSTEeM website and/or to internal OU audiences via the eSTEeM and Co website; extracts may also be used in future eSTEeM publicity materials. As such, participants will not have the opportunity to withdraw their consent to being recorded. We would like students to participate and fully engage with the event so please ensure that you have a fully enabled microphone.

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